Aye Tee Concepts is one of the leading Media Company that has its influence in
areas like Public Relations, Event Management, Media &Marketing Consultancy. Promoting Creativity as their objective & Introducing Innovation is their key to Success.

Company Profile:

Aye Tee Concepts is a brainchild of Amaan Tareen, who gathered the Professionals from the fields of Marketing, Media, Film Making, Event Management, Web Development, Graphics Designing, Content & Creative Writing and Brand Activation. Aye Tee Concepts before merging into a group of many companies was operating under the name of different Media, Event Management, Web Development, Graphics Designing and Marketing Firms that catered some of the big names of Pakistan Industry from all mentioned areas. Aye Tee Concepts was established in 2009.

Aye Tee’s Philosophy:

Like many other companies that are working in the industry we could have even offered the same pattern of limited services for our clients but we aim to target all our potential clients and to offer them our consultancy that can help them achieve their Individual or Organizational Goals.

Our Company statement is;

Business Expansion through Innovation

Aye Tee’s Vision:

Our vision is “Business Expansion through Innovation”. Convenience with reliability is our prime focus, Innovation, Value creation and Customer satisfaction are our key values. “Value addition and creation to
our partner’s business with excellent services, reliability, convenience”

Aye Tee’s Mission:

Our mission is to create sustainable value and making things easier for our customers and stakeholders. Our aim is to grab opportunities for our clients and to transform their investment into executable innovative business ideas through differentiation. We believe in mutual benefit by creating Win-Win relationships, whose economic benefit/profit is our corporate social responsibility.Aye Tee Concepts sees itself as the next big upcoming name in the entertainment Industry, as we target the unaddressed/untapped segments.

Value Preposition:

Aye Tee is a team of dedicated professionals that believe in application of international techniques of marketing, project management and promotions. The team has worked under professionals with a network that is widely spread both at national and international levels. Our team’s philosophy revolves
around having a truly entrepreneurial approach, with a proven track record in the related industry segments. Our professional experience, industry links & network positions us with a competitive edge.

Our team constitutes of awarded web marketers, digital media professionals, creative designers and production managers. We provide a diversified portfolio of services in the fields of Marketing, Brand Activation, Event Management, Media Production, Human Resource Management, Web Development & Solutions, Online Media Marketing & Promotion, Film Promotion & Distribution, Artist/Talent Management, Photography, Public Affairs /Relations. We aim to target every segment that seeks improvement and our Creative Input.